Making the Most of Your Stephenville Garage

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Nice-looking garage and parkwaySo many Stephenville home sellers spend time ensuring that the yard is immaculate, the windows are sparkling and the interior is perfect, and yet the garage is forgotten. Whether your potential buyer wants to house their vehicles or needs additional storage, the garage is a fantastic selling feature of your home and it should be showcased.

Clear The Clutter: Now is a great time to organize a yard sale for all those boxes that have sat in your garage for years. Clear out any cabinets and shelves and make the contents look orderly. Consider adding heavy duty hooks to organize larger items that are taking up floor space. Try to get items off the floor and into cabinets or onto shelves. Make sure any chemicals, tools or flammable liquids are stored safely out of reach of children.

Is Everything Working? Make sure any lights, switches and all features of your garage opener are working correctly. Replace any bulbs or fuses now before they are forgotten. Consider adding a smoke detector.

Clean! Dust and clean any spider webs. Make sure the floor is free of oil spots; this can be done easily with a little paint thinner, sawdust or cat litter and laundry detergent.  Then give the floor a good scrub with a broom. Make sure any windows are shining.

Point Out Unique Features: Make sure your real estate agent is aware of any of the unique features, workbenches or storage solutions of your garage, so they can highlight them to potential buyers.

Present The Outside: Don’t forget that the exterior will add to the overall effect, so clean up or refresh any paintwork. Consider showcasing with some potted plants to give a wow factor for any potential buyers who pull up at the curb.

While a garage won’t usually lose you a sale, it could be the very thing that gives you the advantage and completes the package. If you require any further information about Stephenville homes or Erath County homes, please contact us. It would be our pleasure to assist you with any questions you may have.

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