Making a Shared Kids Room in Your Stephenville Home

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Stephenville homes for saleFor new Stephenville homeowners with several children that don’t have the option of having a solo bedroom for each child—which is the case for many families—game-planning to put together a great shared room for your kids can be a difficult task. Kids can be very particular about their space and what their older and younger siblings get to share with them, and to avoid a bevy of temper tantrums, taking some of the following tips into mind can go a long way.

1. Bunk Beds: Not only are bunk beds a great way to maximize the use of space in the kids’ bedroom of your Stephenville home, but they also can put an end to the argument of whose bed is bigger and which side of the room a child gets to sleep on. Additionally, kids tend to love multi-tiered structures, and bunk beds can appeal to their imagination, and many kids just think bunk beds are neat additions to their rooms. Now you just have to figure out who gets top and bottom bunk!

2. The Imaginary Line: If your kids happen to be very particular about how much space they get, creating an imaginary line down the middle of the room can help settle any arguments about who is getting more space to use. This can be done through a dividing marker such as a lamp or the center of a bookcase that divides the room into equal parts.

3. Corner Desks: Giving your kids desks in opposite corners of the room can give them the illusion that they have more space and also a bit more privacy. This is especially effective in Erath County homes with small rooms, where the illusion becomes more pronounced.

4. Wall Color: Consider something fun like polka dots or a mural that all of your kids can agree on. Also, have them identify their favorite colors and then decide on a middleground if there is opposition.

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