Maintain Your Home with These 10 Tips

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Erath County homesMaintaining your Erath County home is important if you want to make sure to save money in the long run. Completing routine maintenance tasks on a daily basis can actually prevent certain things in your home from breaking, including appliances and plumbing. Save money by fixing things such as gutters and carpeting on your own by following the recommendations below.


1. Make it a habit to test your garage door opener to make sure it is functioning properly. Garage door openers can be expensive to replace and finding a problem early on can ensure that you get to the repair sooner rather than later.


2. Replace your clothes dryer’s exhaust duct with a sheet metal one and make sure to vacuum it annually in order to keep it clean.


3. Examine your furnace manufacturer’s directions and replace your home’s furnace filters accordingly.


4. Make sure to test your ground fault circuit interrupter outlets at least once a month in order to make sure that the power is going off on the voltage testers.


5. Once the hot seasons are over, make sure to clean any leftover debris gathered around your home’s central air conditioner.


6. The refrigerator can many times go unnoticed so make it a habit to vacuum the refrigerator coils located underneath your fridge at least once a year.


7. If your home has a fireplace, have the chimney cleaned on an annual basis in order to prevent grime from building up.


8. Caulk your windows and weather strip your doors on a yearly basis or more if need be.


9. Always keep an eye on your home’s smoke detectors and make sure to replace the batteries at least once a year.


10. Clean and clear your home’s gutters of any debris.


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