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Choosing the right community is absolutely the most important first step in purchasing a home. Liz Gray at HGTV Front Door suggests figuring out what you’re looking for, doing the appropriate research and finding a neighborhood that fits your ideal description. In short, she suggests you become a “neighborhood detective.” There are five key steps to accomplish this:

  1. Profile Your Neighborhood: Ask key questions of yourself in order to establish a location: how close do you want it to be to your work? Do you have children or are you planning on building a family in this location? Are you looking for an outdoor community or do you prefer having shops and amenities within walking distance? Do you want a newer home or one with history?
  2. Target Your Neighborhood: Make a list of the areas which meet the majority of your criteria
  3. Assemble Characteristics: Crime rate statistics, parks and recreational areas, number of schools and reputation and neighborhood associations may all be important factors
  4. Visit the Neighborhoods: Drive and walk through the neighborhoods at different times of the day and night in order to get a sense of the place
  5. Select Your Location: Rank the neighborhoods and begin your search

And while these are all important steps, we’d like to add a sixth: align yourself with an area expert. We can help you identify those areas and neighborhoods within Stephenville which will appeal to your desired characteristics. We have, in short, streamlined the search process for a large number of home buyers across Erath County for years. And given that so many of the area homes and regions are unique, your search will be better informed. If you’d care to share your criteria with us, give us a ring today to begin the search for a the right house for sale in Stephenville.

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