Lawn Care Tips for Your Erath County Home

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Stephenville real estateSummer in Texas can be a harsh time for your lawn, with temperatures topping out higher than a Nolan Ryan fastball and humidity almost a non-factor. But there’s no need to panic. Not only is a well-manicured lawn achievable this time of the year, it’s the kind of thing that will boost your home’s curb appeal and make it stand out if you really pay attention to the details. Here are just a few tips:

1. Water in the Morning: Watering your Erath County home’s lawn in the morning is the best time of day to give it the moisture it needs. Once the hot sun comes out in the afternoon, water will evaporate more rapidly before reaching your soil, and watering your lawn at night can lead to unwanted fungus. Auto-timed sprinklers can take care of this if you’re not a morning person or have a busy work schedule. Another great reason not to water in the afternoon is because this can actually make your grass heat up and burn in the hot Erath County summer sun, causing it to turn brown.

2. Keep Weeds out, Grass Short: While you might be inclined to go low with you grass, this is actually a deterrent to the health of your grass. Weeds grow better in low grass, so maintaining a lawn that has about three inches of grass is the recommended route.

3. Get the pH Right: A good pH balance is integral to the long life of any Erath County homeowner’s lawn, and that means keeping a pH between 6 and 7. Use a pH reader to determine where you’re at, and apply lawn agents like lime and dolomite lime to counter low pH levels as a surefire step. Just make sure to consult a lawn care professional and to keep pets and small children away from these substances.

Erath County and Stephenville are beautiful areas, and it’s no wonder that so many families have chosen to call this area home. To hear more about the great Erath County real estate opportunities at our disposal, contact our team of professionals today.

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