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Summer is a logical time for families to take vacations. The kids are out of school and sometimes work is slower as a result. If you’re planning an end-of-summer vacation and will be leaving your house unattended, here are some tips that will help keep your Stephenville home safe!

1. Ladders: Don’t leave ladders in your backyard if you’re going on vacation. Someone looking for access inside will have an easy time leaning it against your house and crawling in a second-story window. Instead, lock your ladders away in the garage or basement. Also, don’t forget to have your home security system provider wire your upper-story windows to your alarm system too.

2. Trash: Burglars love to case a neighborhood by driving around on trash day. If someone has had a big birthday or a gift-giving holiday has recently passed, they will be looking for empty boxes at the curb that reveal all of the new gadgets inside your home. Take extra precaution by breaking down the boxes and conceal them in the recycling or trash bins.

3. Trim the Bushes: Unkempt bushes and trees make a great hiding place for someone looking to break into your Stephenville home. Focus on bushes and trees near windows and doors, and make sure that your home’s entry points are visible from the street and well-lit. Motion-sensor lighting will be your best friend while you’re away!

4. Replace Flimsy Doors: Does your home have a plain, wood-panel backdoor? If so, a burglar will have no problem kicking it in and gaining access to the interior of your home. Install steel-wrapped exterior doors with deadbolts on all your entries, and don’t forget to lock your windows while you’re out of town.

5. Reflect On This: If your home has a mirror in the entryway, you might think about moving it elsewhere. Here’s why. Depending on how it’s positioned, a burglar might be able to peer into a window and see if your alarm system is armed or not simply by looking at the reflection in the mirror. Check yourself to see what your mirror is reflecting to those outside.

6. Cut the Grass & Stop the Newspaper: Burglars are becoming more and more savvy, and they can tell if you’re away by the height of your grass or by newspapers piling up on your doorstep. Hire someone you know to cut your grass while you’re away, and ask them to collect your newspapers while you’re at it. You can also call your newspaper provider to see if they offer vacation holds.

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