Is it Time to Remodel the Bathroom in your Stephenville Home?

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Most people can narrow down the spaces that they spend most time in their homes to three rooms – the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. It’s no wonder that bathroom remodels are taking over the renovation marketplace.

For sellers, this mean that it is well worth doing all you can do to show your bathroom in its best light. Trends are changing a bit, and people are moving away from mansion style bathrooms and moving towards rooms that are much more practical.

If you think that a bathroom remodel would help in selling your home, there are a few fixes that should be at the top of your list. Consider installing a ceiling-mounted “rain” showerhead, handheld showerhead or doorless shower. All of these upgrades are becoming much more popular than the once-trendy oversized whirlpool tub.

Now the challenge is finding a “green” showerhead that’s big and luxurious. Buyers are becoming more and more interested in energy-saving devices and green technology. Be prepared for them to ask about the utility bill and what kind of energy-saving devices have been installed.

Install some great lighting to show off those super clean tiles. Buyers will be drawn to the warmth of the bathroom, and be thankful they can put their make-up on in a well-lit space. If possible, natural light is best, and bathroom windows that open will air out the space and reduce chances of mold.

You should also take a look at how much storage you have. Ample counter space is a major plus and built-in cabinets are very appealing.

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