Introducing Tado, A Money and Environment saving iApp

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With so many people switching over to smart phones these days, it’s no wonder that the iPhone is making its debut on the home improvement stage. The app in question, Tado, is much more than a simple digital level or Feng-Shui living room evaluation tool. It can save you big bucks on your heating bill this winter by allowing you to digitally regulate your thermostat from outside of the home. Wireless heating: what will they think of next?

With Tado, there will be no more arriving home from work to a cold house. The app’s secret to controlling your heating system is a small box that replaces your thermostat or attaches directly to the your Stephenville home’s heating boiler. Using your in-home internet connection, it can communicate wirelessly with your smart phone, allowing you to warm-up your house before you step through the front door.

That’s not all Tado is good for though. It can also communicate with your wireless device to determine how to dynamically heat your home by pinpointing where you are in your house and regulating the temperature in accordance to where you spend most of your time. Working as a sort of a “personal heating assistant,” Tado users can cut their heating bill by 27% on average, almost completely automatically.

Tado is an improvement on traditional heating and energy management in nearly every way. Gone are the days of paying too much for heating your space while you’re not at home so you don’t have to come home to a freezing foyer. The app turns down the heat after the last person leaves and cranks it up before you arrive home, but it also knows to lay off the energy when the sun shines. How cool is that?

Technology is getting more advanced every day, but one thing’s for certain: there is no better way to find Erath County homes for sale than giving us a call! Now, if only they could invent an app that helps me find my keys when I misplace them…

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