Interior Painting Tips for Your Stephenville Home

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Stephenville real estateWhile you might be lucky and have a Stephenville home that comes with exactly the colors you want, more often that not, you’ll need new paint jobs in at least a few of the home’s rooms. While you may have painted numerous interiors before, there are always things that can easily be forgotten when painting the interior of your Stephenville home. Talk to a pro at your local paint shop, and keep these tips in mind when refreshing the walls of your home.

1. Primer Is King: It’s easy to want to cheat and cut out the step of priming your walls before getting down to painting, but cutting out this necessary middleman can lead to chipping walls and uneven paint jobs. Primer will help you get your walls at the color they should be with only one coat of paint on top, rather than wasting money and time on two coats. To further enhance this trick, tint your primer with some paint from your finished color so that there’s less of a chance for colors to bleed through one another.

2. Use the Pole: Painting on a ladder with a hand-roller brush is both unnecessarily dangerous and a waste of time. By investing in a cheap telescoping extension pole, you can do everything from ground level, and have a massive reach that covers long stretches of wall in your Stephenville home.

3. Remember the Color: Paint jobs inevitably will need touch-ups, but how often have you come across the scenario where you have a million paint buckets (or none at all and you need to run to the store) and have no idea which color you originally used to paint your wall? This is a recurring problem, and here’s a quick fix: When you’re done painting a room, right down the paint’s manufacturer, name and product number on a piece of painter’s tape and stick it to the back of your light switch panel before you put that panel back on the wall.

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