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With more transactions returning to the real estate landscape, interest is growing in real estate careers around the country. Real estate agents and brokers are required to take a licensing class, and enrollment is up across the board. Some are saying they have more students in their classes now than they’ve had in the last four years.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of people got out of the real estate industry when the real estate market fell apart. But now that market’s are seeing home sales increase and interest rates are at an all-time low, uncertainty in the real estate marketplace is re-gathering steam. Stephenville home buyers and sellers rely on the expertise of skilled real estate agents to guide them through the process. But even with the help of an agent or broker, there are things you can do to put yourself in the best position possible, especially if you are selling. Here are some tips:


Paint: It’s a quick weekend project that can pack a big punch. If you’re selling your home, paint all rooms the same color and choose neutral tones.

Up the Curb Appeal: Don’t neglect the outside of your home. Clean up branches and leaves, and take a power washer to windows and siding.

Make Yourself Available: Your schedule will need to be flexible if you’re selling your home. If you have last-minute requests to see it, do your best to be accommodating. Prospective home buyers will appreciate your great customer service.


Keep the Knickknacks Out: Do your best to help buyers imagine themselves in your home. Put away most of your family photos and collectibles.

Spend All Your Time Staging: Over-staged homes can look fake, and you want to project the image that your home has been lived in by a real family (yours). Make sure everything in your home serves a purpose.

Neglect Needed Repairs: If there are minor things around your house that you need to fix, like a crack in the wall or putting a cover on a power outlet, do it. Buyers don’t want to commit to more work than they need to.

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