Insulation Tips for Your Stephenville Home

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Stephenville homes for saleAre you a new Stephenville homeowner with little experience dealing with home energy bills or a longtime Stepehenville homeowner who simply feels like your energy bills have been way too high—especially over the last winter? While the energy systems in your home may be hooked up quite efficiently, it’s very possible that other factors, such as a lack of insulation, are eating into the energy bills at your Stephenville home. To remedy these issues, read the following tips, as these relatively simple fixes could end up being huge bonuses toward your energy bill savings.

1. Attic Insulation: As everyone knows, warm air rises. Warm air also escapes through thin roofing structures if you have not properly insulated the attic of your Stephenville home. Insulation can be made of materials that aren’t friendly to breathe, but when carefully handled, insulation can also be quite easy to install. If the insulation in your Stephenville home’s attic isn’t at least six inches thick, think about going down this path.

2. Insulate Your Water Heater with a Blanket: Older water heaters often are made of thin metal, and this can lead to heat and energy escaping into your basement, or wherever your water heater is located. To reduce energy loss and therefore keep your bills lower, simply measure the diameter and height of your heater and then buy a water heater blanket at your local home goods store.

3. Keep the Temp Low on Your Water Heater: Speaking of water heaters, another way to reduce lost energy is by setting the temperature to 120-degrees Fahrenheit or lower once you’ve wrapped it in a water heater blanket. People rarely ever have a use for faucet-water hotter than this in their Stephenville homes, and water over 120 degrees can actually be a health hazard.

For more information on how to get the most out of your Stephenville home, or if you’re looking to buy or sell in the Erath County area, please contact us. We have helped countless customers find their ideal Stephenville home, and we’d love to be of assistance to you.

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