Important First Steps in Buying Your Stephenville Home

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Owning a home is the American dream. It is also the largest amount of money we will ever spend on one item in our lives. has identified a few areas of concern before beginning the home buying process that we believe are apropos. They include four things you need to buy a home and two things you may believe you need but really don’t.

The first of the four requirements is enough money to make the mortgage payments. If you cannot afford the mortgage, you cannot afford the house, plain and simple. Trying using one of the many mortgage calculators online to set your budget. We recommend this calculator at The second requirement is to make sure you can also pay for property taxes and homeowner’s insurance. The mortgage isn’t your only cost each month. Make sure that your income will cover these other payments. Thirdly, the time and money to maintain the property. If you don’t provide regular upkeep, the value of your home will decrease rapidly. Finally, a decent credit bureau is a big boost to your candidacy. Check your credit score before entering the buying process.

Now that we’ve established what you’ll need, let’s cover what is not required: first, a big down payment. While it is recommended to make as big a down payment as possible to avoid mortgage insurance and lower your monthly payments, you can still a house for less money down. Secondly, the other thing you don’t need is home buying experience. This is where agents like us come in.

As long-standing professionals in Stephenville property and the Erath County real estate market, we will serve as your subject matter experts. Give us a ring today to discuss these recommendations and many more about buying a home in Stephenville.

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“Cindy Carrell is an amazing realtor! Cindy did an excellent job marketing our home & successfully helping it to sell for exactly what we wanted and in under 60 days. Cindy is professional and a pleasure to work with. She is prompt to answer questions and to help resolve those situations that arise while  selling and buying a home. Cindy also helped us find our forever home within a week of listing our house. If you are looking for a realtor Cindy is an excellent choice!”
Cindy Carrell is an amazing realtor!