Illuminating Your Erath County Porch

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Stephenville outdoor lightingAdding lighting to your porch can instantly ramp up curb appeal and improve your home’s appearance. Illuminating your Erath County, Texas home’s porch can also provide safety and create a great space for entertaining your family and friends, according to Here are some great ideas for lighting up your porch.

  • Installing light posts is a great way to keep the party going after hours by adding some brightness. Just add hollow channels to posts, run the wiring through them, and attach the light fixture to the outside of the posts. Kits usually include 8-10 lighting fixtures, wiring and a transformer to turn your 120V household electricity into safer 12V current.
  • Moveable lighting lets you change the mood depending on your needs. An oversized lamp is great for your porch—just make sure that the lamp shade and outlet you’re using are weatherproof so you get the most out of your investment in terms of its ability to light up your life for years to come.
  • Light coming from the ground can create a very interesting look for your Erath County porch. Uplighting on your trees and landscaping and maybe a few lights in the floorboards of the porch can give a very dreamy appearance. As a system like this will likely have a lot of lights, make sure you’re using low voltage through a transformer.
  • String lights are a very low-maintenance lighting method requiring simple installation. If you’re using lights that plug in, be sure to position the lights by a nearby power outlet. Solar lights cost a bit more, but you have more creative freedom with solar lights, as they are not dependent on electricity from your home or an outdoor outlet.
  • If your Erath County porch is enclosed with a roof over it, you may want to consider adding a ceiling fan with lights. Not only will this illuminate your porch with a nice, even spread of light, but adding a ceiling fan will help keep you cool on hot summer nights.

For information on local home improvement trends, or other aspects of local real estate, feel free to drop us a line. We are experts on Erath County, Texas real estate and would love to address any and all of your real estate concerns.

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