How To Entice Younger Buyers to Your Stephenville Home

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Erath homes for young buyersIn this market, it can sometimes be challenging to sell a home. Additional caveats typically come into place when selling a home to a younger buyer. Appealing to buyers in their twenties and early thirties takes special consideration. Take note of the following tips in order to display home features that will appeal to families and young couples.


1. Make sure to pre-inspect your home before placing it on the market. In addition to a general inspection of the home, it is also recommended that homeowners get the air conditioning and heating systems inspected and cleaned, as well as have the septic systems pumped.

2. Purchase a home warranty that will cover repairs for appliances in the home as well as the heating, cooling, electrical and plumbing systems. Most home warranties provide coverage while the home is on the market and typically come as a one-year policy.

3. If a couple is looking to already renovate a potential home, offer a projected renovation or expansion plan. Producing a simple plan that will showcase possible renovation options can go a long way with a potential buyer.

4. Provide renovation loan information to potential home buyers. Insured by the Federal Housing Administration, these loans allow homebuyers to borrow money to pay for home renovations, as well as the home itself.

5. If there are any repairs that need to be taken care of upfront, offer a credit back to a prospective homebuyer.

6. Enhance and brighten your home by removing old carpet and exposing hardwood floors. Additionally, you can also remove dark, heavy furniture and trim any shrubs covering the windows.

7. Families and young couples are typically interested in local amenities including schools and recreation. Make sure to highlight anything of importance in this arena.

8. Entice young buyers by painting your home with neutral colors rather than the standard white.

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Cindy Carrell is an amazing realtor!