Homeowner Tips for the Products Around Your Home

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Erath County air conditioningFollow these homeowner tips to get the most out of the products located around your Erath area home.


Garbage Disposal

If your home comes equipped with a garbage disposal, clean the disposal by running cold water while pushing ice cubes through it.

Check the drain and sink connections if your garbage disposal is leaking, and prevent stoppages by running water for at least two minutes after you finish.


Use 1 cup of vinegar and leave the dishwasher empty while running a cycle in order to eliminate any mineral deposits.

Water Heater

Keep your home’s water heater temperature constant by using a water heater blanket or making sure your thermostat is set correctly.

Electrical System

If any lights or outlets around your home are not functioning, make sure to check the breakers on your electrical panel.

Air Conditioning

Ensure your air conditioning system will be energy-efficient before the cooling system begins by having a licensed HVAC company perform a routine system-maintenance check.

Replace the filters monthly during the summer season and make sure to keep the condensing unit free of debris.

Heating System

Hire a licensed HVAC company to check and clean your heating system every fall in order to receive peak performance and fuel efficiency for the winter months.

If you are leaving your home for more than four hours, make sure to set your thermostat to 69° F or less during the day, 60° F or less at night.

Close less than one-fourth of the area of your home in order to avoid damaging your home’s central heating system. Also, make sure to close vents and doors to rooms that you are not currently using.

Open your curtains on sunny mornings, specifically on the eastern and southern windows of your home in order to take advantage of solar power.

If you have any questions about homes in the Stephenville or Erath County areas, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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