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Stephenville homesIf you’ve been on the house hunt for far too long, it’s time to look at why. Prolonging this stressful process is holding you back from moving on with your life in a new Stephenville home. Here are some tips on diagnosing what factors could be holding you back, and how to address them, according to a recent report from The Atlantic.

  • A top reason that home buyers are holding back from buying a home is financial uncertainty or fear of spending too much money on a home. People are often afraid of buying at the top of the range they’ve been pre-approved for just in case some serious repairs have to be made or some life crisis occurs. This is a natural fear; however, it does have a simple remedy: look for a more affordable home. If you’re stressing about the brand new house in the subdivision five minutes from your work, look into some existing homes in neighborhoods a bit further from the office and you could potentially be saving a bundle. Also, do extensive research and calculation on what you can afford. Consult your real estate professional for help in finding affordable homes and determining what you can afford on your budget.
  • Conflicts between spouses on what characteristics they’re looking for in a home can also prolong the buying process. Maybe a wife wants a nursery for the baby, a husband wants a man cave, and child wants a pool. Needless to say, these different interests can create some headaches. Sit down and talk with your family about needs in a new Stephenville home compared to wants, and come to a compromise. Focus on number of rooms and neighborhood as main factors.
  • Fear of commitment to a mortgage can also cause cold feet and hesitation in the buying process. Many Stephenville home buyers hesitate because they fear that they won’t be able to make payments on their home. If you have a steady income, figure out your revenue versus expenses in the hypothetical situation that you’re paying a mortgage.

To voice concerns on what might be holding you back from buying a Stephenville, Texas home, please give us a call. We would love to talk you through the process and help find you your dream home!

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