Get the Most Bang For Your Buck on Your Kitchen Remodel

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Kitchens and bathrooms – most real estate experts will affirm that these two aspects of a home are highly-valued by prospective buyers. If you are considering upgrades to either room of your Stephenville home, it is important to make sure that you manage the remodeling process efficiently. And with kitchens, it is particularly challenging as it is often the centerpiece of many homes. Such a remodeling involves a general contractor, carpenters, appliance experts, plumbers, electricians and an interior designer. Another key member of the team could be a project manager depending on your availability and capacity to manage such an endeavor.

Just remember that a kitchen remodel is no weekend-warrior project and although your ultimate goal is to improve the amenities and value of your property, patience is a virtue. A worthwhile remodel can take weeks or months. And given the complexity and cost of the project, it is highly recommended to hire professionals. “Most people don’t work on their own cars—they don’t repair them or change the oil, but with all of the home-DIY (media), people think they can put in a door where it didn’t exist or install a kitchen,” says Brad Burgin, Burgin Construction Inc. in North Tustin, Calif. “The real bummer of taking on a project that exceeds your skill set: You could end up spending more to get the job done. You can go through the pain of demolition, the stress of choosing materials, the labor of installing products—and end up hiring a professional to fix mistakes. Or, the final results may be less than satisfactory.”

Luckily, there are a number of contractors and experts in Erath County who can assist in a kitchen remodeling. We have seen many Stephenville homes transformed via a top-notch kitchen remodel, which can really push up the value and interest from prospective buyers. We know of many homes with redone kitchens so if this is an important attribute, we can help steer your search. Give us a call today to hear about the possibilities in Stephenville real estate.

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