Five Small Trees for Your Stephenville Yard

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Stephenville homeHaving nice landscaping can ramp up the curb appeal of your Stephenville, Texas home significantly. However, not all trees are created equal. Some trees can unleash large amounts of pollen that will irritate allergies or tear up your yard with their destructive root systems. Here are some trees that are good picks for most yards, according to Mother Earth News.


Ironwood trees have a slow growth rate, grey muscle-like bark and leaves that are beautiful in the fall. The ironwood grows to be about twenty feet tall.

Southern Hawthorne

The Southern Hawthorne tree is a popular choice for people looking for a little privacy. This tree is dense, with inconspicuous thorns adorning the branches. This thick tree grows about twenty feet tall and the leaves turn gorgeous shades of bronze and red in the autumn.


Dogwood trees require some extra love and attention, as they are prone to dying, but they produce beautiful white and pink flowers if you work to keep them healthy. Plant these in an area where they get some sun in the morning, but aren’t subjected to it all day long. Also, make sure to add compost before planting for optimum conditions.

Amur Maple

The Amur maple is a great tree for small yards. It’s an attractive, dense shade tree that you can plant in areas with power lines and telephone wires because it stops growing at about twenty to thirty feet.

Texas Redbud

Are you looking for a truly stunning addition to your landscaping? Consider a Texas redbud. These trees generally grow fifteen to twenty feet tall. One of Texas’ favorite ornamental trees, this tree produces beautiful magenta flowers that will add a burst of color to your yard.

If you love trees, but aren’t looking to put one in your Stephenville, Texas home’s yard, you can donate one through Stephenville’s Living Tree Program. This program plants trees to commemorate people and events in Stephenville’s various parks and other city-owned facilities.

For more information on Stephenville, Texas landscaping trends and real estate, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to help answer any questions you have regarding real estate in the Stephenville area.

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