First-Time Homeowner Tips

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Stephenville home ownersTake the following tips into consideration when deciding to purchase your first Stephenville area home.


Take a note of your credit

Unless you plan on paying for your home upfront, your credit score will likely make a huge difference in the type of loan you are able to obtain. To receive a free look at your credit, visit to see what a potential lender will be scrutinizing. If your credit is not where it needs to be, find out early on and begin working on fixing it.


Organize your assets and monthly expenses

When shopping for a home, it is important to take into consideration the amount of money you currently have and what you spend each month. As a first-time home buyer, it is always recommended that you calculate these things ahead of time.


Obtain the required documents

The documents most commonly required in order to be considered for a home mortgage loan are W-2’s, two of your most recent pay stubs, tax returns and two of your most recent bank statements. Making sure you have these documents on hand will ensure the process of shopping for a home loan will go much smoother.


Inspect your earnings beforehand

Though you will ultimately have to go to a mortgage lender in order to see what type of loan you qualify for, you can also begin the process yourself by taking into account your debts, income and anything else that needs to be taken into consideration.


Calculate your down payment

A down payment will always be required before purchasing a home, so figuring out what you can realistically afford is important.


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“Jamie Stockstill held my hand through the entire process. Being a first time home buyer I had a million questions but she was always there, no matter what time of day, to answer my calls or texts. I always felt like she was working for my best interest. I will recommend her to anyone I come across looking to buy or sell.”