Finishing Your Erath County Home’s Basement

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Erath County basementFinishing the basement of your Erath County home instantly adds value and creates another living space for your family, according to HGTV. Here are some tips on finishing your basement to maximize the potential of your Stephenville home.

  • Painting your basement can turn it from dark and ominous to warm and inviting. Rent a sprayer, pick a paint with a flat finish—as to not draw attention to any irregularities in surfaces—and get spraying. Sticking with one color tends to be the most concealing of any blemishes or ductwork, but if you want contrast, it’s fine to pick one color for the ceiling and one color for the walls; just make sure the colors complement each other.
  • If you want to really bring the basement up a notch, installing a drop ceiling might be a necessity to hide an unappealing existing basement ceiling cluttered with ductwork. Drop ceilings are relatively easy to install; just screw in the metal grid and slide the acoustic panels into place. This is a project you can do yourself, or if you’re uncomfortable, you could always call up the pros.
  • Adding carpeting can be a great way to make a basement more inviting and turn it into a living space. Just lay down carpet padding, then put the carpet down on top, attach it to the tackless strips and trim the excess. There you have it, your cement floor has now been turned into a feet-friendly sanctuary. Of course, if you don’t have the time or you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, calling the professionals is always an option.
  • Adding lighting is also a great way to literally brighten up a basement. Wall-mounted lighting elements are a good decision for basements because you don’t have to worry about wiring through your ceiling ductwork, and wall-mounted lights will create a more warm and inviting atmosphere.

For more ideas to spruce up your basement, or other Erath County-area real estate information, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are Erath County-area experts and have the tools to service your area real estate needs.

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