Family Friendly Landscape Can Elevator your Stephenville Home

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Our friends at HGTV have once again offered a prescient piece of advice in improving the look and feel of your property while promoting a family-friendly landscape. The important aspect is not to sacrifice on style. Swing sets and play areas are of course fun and necessary to an active family, but they can do significant damage to lawns and gardens. These tips can help you provide welcome and safe diversions for your little ones while preserving – and at times – adding to the overall appeal of your home. Given that Stephenville and Erath County attract outdoorsy and active families, we found these guidelines to be especially applicable.

The first major recommendation play areas. Grasses such as rye and smooth-stalk meadow can withstand wear and tear while swing sets can be positioned amongst soft foliage. And instead of hardwood playpens, evergreen shrubs provide durable but natural boundaries. With regards to gardens, consider cutting patterns into the lawn; they are fun diversions but can also be undone with a regular cut. Also, gardens can be interspaced with play areas to help children appreciate the division between play space and other areas which are to be looked at but not invaded. Another great recommendation is designing outdoor dining space. With amenable year-round temperatures, Stephenville is prime territory for backyard barbecues and outdoor family dining.

Last but perhaps most important of all, HGTV recommends a policy of fun as well as functional. Again, with the agreeable climate, it would be a shame to not take advantage of the available acreage and spacious landscapes of the homes for sale in Stephenville and Erath County.

We know of a number of houses for sale with tremendous potential to impart these family friendly landscaping tips. If you are interested in seeing some Stephenville homes, please drop us a line today.

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