Erath County New Homeowner Move-In Tips

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Stephenville real estateBuying a new Erath County home can be one of the most exciting times of your life, but it can also be one of the most difficult life adjustments you’ll make if you previously only had renter’s experience. Dealing with all of your own renovations and the added bills that come about for new homeowners is a whole new ballgame. Here are some tips that will have you saving money and running your new Erath County home more efficiently.

1. Check all sink and toilet waterlines for leaks. While nothing may be broken in these areas, loose fittings or dripping often occurs, and it’s good to tighten up these issues before they get all your home products or area rugs wet with run-off water. It’s not a bad idea to check for cracks, either, even though your home inspector should have already been all over this.

2. Make ceiling fan installation a priority, and put overhead fans in most rooms. Ceiling fans give a nice return for homeowners who plan on being in their home for a long time, seeing as these appliances use very little energy in comparison to air conditioners. A ceiling fan in your Erath County home can also mean not having to use air conditioning units or central air as much, seeing as these cheaper appliances can take down the heat by a few degrees in the hot months if you have good ventilation.

3. Caulk and weatherstrip your home so that it is as airtight as possible. This provides both a great way to keep in heat in the cold months and to keep out heat in the summer. It also ups your home’s energy efficiency.

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