Erath County Costs of Living Lower than National Average

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As a shining example of what makes the Lone Star State so great, there is a reason that Stephenville was voted one of the 100 best small towns in the USA! It’s no mystery to anyone that’s visited that the Stephenville spirit is a tangible force in the community, but what many don’t realize is there is an actual statistical advantage to living in Stephenville.

According to, a site that catalogs the best places to live in the US, the cost of living in Stephenville is 11.8 percent lower than the national average. The results of their audit are based compared on a scale that sets the national average at 100. Numbers below 100 indicate a cheaper cost of living, while numbers over 100 denote a cost of living higher than the national average. The chart ranks Stephenville at an 88 for food, 97 for utilities and 94 for miscellaneous costs, with an overall score of 88, proving that not only is Stephenville below the national average, but also the Texas average of 88.2. Stephenville locals enjoy this lower cost of living due, in part, to the strong ties the community builds with its local businesses. Keeping money in the community, not only creates jobs, but lowers costs across the board for all residents

But a low-cost of living isn’t the only benefit Erath County residents enjoy! Locals also have the benefits of shorter commutes to and from their workplaces, by about 10 minutes in fact. Stephenville also spends around $400 more per student than the national average, with a lower pupil to student ratio, ensuring that our community’s children get the best education America has to offer. The local two-year and four-year college graduation rate is considerably higher than the national average, while the unemployment rate in Stephenville remains considerably lower by a whopping 3.1 percent.

But the final, and arguably most exciting statistic Sperling’s Best Places dug up about Stephenville is that the average price of homes in the area is a massive $40,000 cheaper than elsewhere in the United States. All the more reason to contact us here at Hayden Real Estate and start looking for the right piece of Stephenville Real Estate for you!

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