Energy Savings for Your Stephenville Home

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Save on electric billsMost homes, regardless of how well they’ve been built and insulated, will undoubtedly cost you in leaked and lost energy. However, you’re not a typical homeowner who feels helpless against energy deficiencies because you like to take charge, roll up your sleeves, and fix the problem before it starts bleeding your wallet dry. If you’re looking for a place to start, here are some helpful tips to get your home energy efficient.

Before you begin your epic quest, please make sure you have the right tools for the job including a protective face mask, ladder, flashlight, eye protection, measuring tape and a screwdriver. While most of these jobs can be completed within a couple of hours, we highly recommend tackling one problem at a time. If you’re ever unsure of your workmanship, hiring a professional is better than fumbling around in your attic or crawlspace thinking you’ve dealt with the problem.

Because electronic equipment accounts for over 30% of your energy bill, it’s often worthwhile to replace your old appliances with energy-efficient ones. You can also save money by using power strips instead of wall outlets. Keeping your home comfortable with a programmable thermostat is another useful tip, especially during the summer time when air conditioners work overtime.

For actual handyman work, homeowners should start on exterior surfaces and look for drafts coming in from unsealed windows or door frames. Use a candle in every room of your home and follow the smoke to see if air is escaping. Seal any problem areas. Next, check the thickness of your insulation in areas where the material is exposed. If it fails the specification set out for Stephenville homes, contact a professional. Also, look for discoloring in any of the insulation because it may indicate contact with outside weather.

Lastly, check out the condition of your air ducts. If they’re not properly insulated, the thin metal used to move air will become cold. The ducts will then require more heat to properly function.

If you need more energy-saving tips or help finding a professional for your Stephenville home, please contact us. We’d be happy to help you with your Stephenville home needs.

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