Dublin Science Teacher Honored

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Kimberlyn Grantham is a chemistry and physics teacher at Dublin High School. She was honored to be selected by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California to work in the astrophysics lab. This is the second time Grantham has been sent on this trip one time before. NPI had sent her to Texas A&M University last summer to work with nanoparticles in the engineering research lab. She spent three weeks in Texas where teachers could meet and work with professional scientists. They got to use state-of-the-art equipment, and also implemented a process and practices that was found in labs to solve problems in the real world. “I cannot express how appreciative I am to NPI for giving both opportunities,” said Grantham. She explained that, “being a lifelong learner is important and NPI has helped me reach this goal and empower students with the knowledge I have gained.”

She advises parents whose children are not scientifically inclined to expose them to as much of the world as possible. There is science all around, they just need to have it pointed out to them. You could explain cooking like it’s a chemistry experiment, for example. Play with ingredients and see what happens. Have fun with them and they will start to see the fun in it too. An ingredient like baking soda can be very exciting for a kid. Take them to the zoo, a science museum, or botanical garden. Check out Physics Day at Six Flags. If you don’t understand something, that doesn’t mean they never will. You can learn together as a family.

Grantham had originally wanted to get into the medical field, but she wasn’t too good with blood. Plus she is a people person so didn’t want to be cooped up in a lab. She believes that working with kids was her calling.

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Original Source: Stepenville Empire Tribune

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