Do’s and Don’ts of Kitchen Tile Upkeep For Your Erath County Home

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Tile floors have always been a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms, and with so many varieties and patterns it’s no wonder why. A well placed tile pattern can turn a normal floor into a beautiful mosaic with minimal effort. But tile floors aren’t all just fun and fashion, keeping those murals shining can take some serious effort.

A great deal of the maintenance that goes into taking care of your tile floors is preventative. Pet accidents, leftover cleaning product, grease, rust, water damage, or even a simple spill stain tile floors and have the potential to cause some lasting damage if left unattended to. Any kind of mess should never be left to sit on a tiled floor and should be dealt with post haste. To further protect your tile from permanent damage, you can have an experienced professional apply a layer of sealant to your floor which blocks most stains from ever having a chance to form — a word of warning to the do-it-yourselfers out there: most sealants sold in stores are of rather poor quality and may end up harming rather than helping your floors.

There are so many of types of tiles available to home owners it almost makes the head spin. Limestone, marble, granite, ceramic, terra-cotta and porcelain! It makes you wonder if there is an equally large list of cleaning products you need to keep all your tiles looking tidy. Thankfully, no. Any simple cleaner that is labeled “neutral ph” on the label will suffice when cleaning all sorts of tiles. In fact, you don’t even have to buy a specialized cleaner, you can brew one up at home. Half a cup of baking soda into about two gallons of water makes for a perfect tile cleaning solution. It’s important to remember not to put any particularly harsh chemicals on your tiles, as they have the potential to permanently blemish your carefully laid floors. It’s also advised to use soft string or sponge mops when cleaning tile as steel wool may contain those very same damaging chemicals.

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