Don’t Forget These Stephenville Home Selling Tips

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As part of our ongoing efforts to help our Stephenville clients sell their home, we found an article from highlighting ten tips to entice prospective buyers. While we are client advocates for selling your Stephenville home, these are smart and effective suggestions which home sellers should pursue prior to listing and marketing your property. The objective is to present an attractive package potential purchasers will be unable to resist.

  1. Paint the Entranceway: A fresh coat of paint and cleaning up the entrance to your home is a great way to make a first impression
  2. Convert to Hardwood: If your home does not feature hardwood, redoing the floor may sound like a costly endeavor but most buyers place a premium on hardwood, particularly in common areas like living rooms and dens
  3. Update Fixtures: Replacing old doorknobs, faucets and showerheads will appeal to detail-oriented buyers gauging every square inch of your home
  4. Beautify Bathrooms: Again, what could be a costly endeavor does return tremendous interest from buyers; if updating the entire room is not doable, replacing old mirrors, fixtures and lighting can make a difference
  5. Countertop Amendments: While granite is highly sought after, at least ensuring that your countertops are intact and unblemished is a huge step forward
  6. Consider Steel: Replacing old appliances is another investment which could pay big dividends when it comes time to sell your home and steel is always at the top of the list
  7. Organize Closets: Reduce the visible clutter, particularly in storage areas and closets; a well-ordered home is an appealing home
  8. Improve Lighting: Look for ways to increase natural light and install overhead fixtures
  9. Upgrade Amenities: Proffering “free furniture” like built-in shelves, entertainment centers and cabinets is a major bonus to buyers
  10. Do a Landscaping Facelift: Green lawns and trimmed hedges present a clean attractive portrait of a real home

These are just a few of the short- and long-term steps you can take to improve your speed of sale, not to mention securing desired pricing. We have many more we’ve been offering to our clients selling their homes in Stephenville for years. Give us a call today to hear a few more.

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