Dealing with Disaster Pt. 1

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Natural disasters can be nightmares for the ill-prepared home owner. Even today, citizens in some parts of the country are still recovering from the brutalization their properties received at the hands of Hurricane Sandy. Property isn’t the only thing at stake in a natural disaster either; keeping your family safe should be a major concern when faced with a destructive force like a hurricane, tornado, wildfire or other natural disaster. Fortunately, precautions can, and should, be taken to reduce the damage caused by these unavoidable events. FEMA, or the Federal Emergency Management Agency, has compiled a list of pointers to help minimize the negative effects of natural disasters.

In an age of smart phones and digital radios, it might seem a little odd to have a battery-powered AM/FM radio lying around, but in the event of a natural disaster, that old boombox may prove invaluable to your family’s safety. During disastrous events such as a hurricane or earthquake, cellular and wireless devices may run into signal troubles, which can turn into a communications nightmare! Keeping an old battery-powered radio (don’t forget the batteries!) in your Stephenville home at all times can be a godsend when trying to keep up to date on further weather conditions or disaster relief efforts in the area.

Often times, natural disasters can begin without warning, catching even the professionals at FEMA by surprise. Having a home evacuation plan is a concept many home owners have heard before, but how many have actually put pen to paper and come up with a safe and reliable escape route? Sitting down with your family and consolidating a disaster evacuation plan ensures that everyone in the house will know what to do when a disaster strikes.

These are just a couple precautions to keep in mind when preparing for a natural disaster. Having a safe and secure home during such unfortunate events is an invaluable advantage. Give us a call and we can show you a number of Erath County homes for sale!

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