Dallas Real Estate Boom Prompts Transportation Summit

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The Dallas job market is quickly expanding, and as people flock to the areas near Stephenville real state for new entrepreneurial opportunities, experts are concerned about how the influx of new residents will affect Texas transportation. As it is, Stephenville homes are located less than an hour away from the heart of Dallas/Fort Worth; however, more people on the roads is causing some experts to worry about how that will affect the infrastructure that’s already in place.

Transportation concerns prompted the Texas Association of Business to hold a transportation summit in Dallas. According to the Dallas Business Journal, the meeting was held on October 16 and directly addressed the issue of expanding transportation options in North Texas to increase efficiency and cut down on commute times for Dallas residents.

A recent announcement from the Texas Association of Business revealed some of the concerns it has with regards to increased use of major Texas highways. The announcement revealed that more than 30,000 new vehicles are added to Texas roads each month, and without new funding, it will be difficult to maintain current roads and develop new routes for commuters within the metro Dallas area.

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