Cross Timbers Council Brings Art to Stephenville

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Stephenville boasts a vibrant and dynamic community, and Stephenville home owners exhibit a strong sense of pride in their homes and town. The city has a strong historic heritage, and this is reflected in historic architecture, museums and events that celebrate its roots as an agricultural community.

In an effort to promote the arts in Stephenville, the Cross Timbers Fine Arts Council was established as a non-profit fine arts organization in Erath County. It strives to make cultural activities available to more residents, and also sponsors youth programs that are designed to introduce the arts to young Stephenville residents. The programs are wonderful extra-curricular activities, and blend well with the arts programs offered by Stephenville Independent School District.

Cross Timbers Fine Arts Council sponsors more than art exhibits. The organization hosts music, theater and dance shows, and sponsors art camps for children in the summer. Its outreach programs extend to schools in rural areas, and it is an important community group that makes Stephenville home owners proud to live in a culturally diverse area.

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