Control Clutter at your Stephenville Home with the Artkive App

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If you are like most parents, the thought of tossing out your child’s prized art project would just never cross your mind. You imagine the amount of thought and effort they put in, and trashing something so special to them would be heartbreaking to all involved parties. If you have piles upon piles of paintings and macaroni artwork lying around your Stephenville home, and just aren’t sure what to do with it, think about downloading the Artkive app on your Apple device (the Android app is coming this fall).

This new and innovative app means that you can save photos of all of your kids’ artwork, and you won’t find it peering out of overflowing drawers or piling up on the fridge. It’s fantastic that so many schools are still focusing on art in the classroom, but it does create a challenge at home. Artkive is a great way to engage your kids because you can sit down with them and decide which pieces of art mean the most to them (i.e. will continue to adorn the bulletin board in your office) and which ones can get their pictures snapped and then fade into oblivion.

All you do is snap a photo of the piece of art and Artkive will save it for you. The app includes a little plaque at the bottom of each piece too, so you will know who the artist-du-jour was, the date, the title, and what grade they were in when they made it. One other amazing feature is that Artkive has the ability to turn their digital portfolio into a photo book. Can’t you see it now–little mementos of their Picasso-like abilities that you can hand out at their weddings later in life?

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