Clever Storage Solutions for Your Small Bedroom

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Make storage space in your bedroom a priorityWhile most houses tend to have spacious family rooms, kitchens and master suites, additional bedrooms can be on the small side. This can be an inconvenience, and while traditional storage solutions may look overwhelming or dominate the room, there are some simple ideas to make the best use of your small bedroom.

Storage Headboards – These make fantastic use of a small space and can have drawers or shelves that provide the perfect space for underwear, socks or other items. Combined with under-bed storage built into the bed frame, this gives a great amount of storage while occupying the same space as a conventional bed.

Storage Wall Panels – Slotted flat panels can be bought at a local home-improvement store and you can customize them with shapes and colors for a decorative feature. Hang them on the wall; add posts and you can hang anything from purses to scarves from an eye-catching and decorative wall.

Closet Bookcase – If you have space on your bookcase, you can use one or two rows to create a mini closet. Simply install a rod and a small curtain and your excess garments will be hidden in a unique custom way.

Antique Hatboxes or Suitcases – These are a fantastic decorative feature when stacked in a corner and they can be multipurpose as storage. Use them for out of season clothing or knickknacks.

Hymnal Holder – For avid bookworms, a wall-mounted hymnal holder is perfect for any books and magazines you’re currently reading without occupying any table space.

Benches – Make customized storage for any graded ceiling with a row of benches. This makes excellent use of a potential waste of space and gives storage on top of the benches and below them.

Wall-Mounted Boxes – Create unique wall art by using wall mounted shadowboxes as jewellery boxes. Moving the pieces around means you would have unique and personalized wall art storage.

A little creative thought can really have a massive impact on a small bedroom to give great storage solutions with striking, unique decorative touches to showcase your personal style.

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