“Chasing UFOs” TV Show Comes to Stephenville

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Recently, the National Geographic Channel debuted a new series called “Chasing UFOs,” and in the premier episode, Stephenville was a main character. The team, which is comprised of Ben McGee (physical scientist), Erin Ryder (tech and recon), and ufologist James Fox, traveled to Stephenville to meet a police officer who claimed to have video footage of UFOs from January 8, 2008. A variety of people reported having seen mysterious lights in the skies on that night.

Now, the Stephenville story is famous, and the NatGeo series is bringing attention back to the Texas town. The original story gained national news attention, with witnesses appearing on “Larry King Live.” In the episode, the team meets with local police officer Leeroy Gaitan. In his account of the events, Gaitan said he received a burglar alarm call and saw an object that was pulsating and purple. His police car was equipped with an onboard dash camera, which he turned around to try to catch it. This video is what the NatGeo team was examining on their way to the interview.

A number of adults and children described having seen something in the sky that night. One resident, Steve Allen, was a pilot who was interviewed by Larry King in conjunction with the story. Witnesses’ descriptions were clear and detailed according to Fox. It’s still unclear what all of those people saw in the sky that night, but the story has Stephenville home owners wondering if Fox is right. After speaking with people who reported having seen UFOs on that fateful night, Fox concluded that the area is a “hotbed” of UFO activity.

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Original Source: Stepenville Empire Tribune

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