Carbon Dioxide Recycling: Amazing Stephenville Household Plants

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Plants can cleanse the airThere is no avoiding the fact the air inside your home becomes stale after being repeatedly breathed in and out by your family. While there are several expensive options for cleaning and filtering out harmful pollutants from your home, the simplest and most elegant solution is to go green. Many plant species are excellent filters for recycling bad air into pure oxygen.

All they need to survive is some water and daily doses of sunlight. In addition to being colorful companions inside your Erath County homes, plants are a great way to naturally restore clean air without spending a lot of money. Here are some of our favorite plants for the environmentally conscious homeowner looking to clear the air:

The spider plant is a heavy, greenish-white flowering herb with long leaves. They have been used in NASA space flights since the 1980s precisely because of their strong ability to filter out air pollutants. As a common houseplant across the world, they’re very easy to take care of and only bloom a couple times a year, so maintenance is very low.

A strong candidate for those who don’t have time to take care of an oxygen cleaning machine, the snake plant stands upright with green and olive-colored leaves. Requiring very little care aside from the occasional watering, these little plants are great for decorating your home and can be used as neat bookends. As a special bonus, the snake plant loves sucking up carbon dioxide and producing oxygen during the night while you sleep.

The golden pothos is a hanging plant with lots of vines flowing out like green-colored hair. Its leaves are beautifully heart-shaped and sprinkled with bits of golden color. For most homeowners, hanging two of these fresh smelling plants in the kitchen is common not just for the aesthetic appeal, but for the strong chemical absorption as well. Formaldehyde from harsh cleaning chemicals is no match for the golden pothos and its high number of heart-shaped leaves

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