Buying Tips for Home Buyers in Stephenville

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Part of our all-encompassing service to our clients is making recommendations on that all-important buying process. Purchasing a home is obviously an important and at times, fretful, process. Consulting HGTV, we’ve assembled 8 buying tips for home buyers. Whether you are a first-timer or experienced home owner, it is imperative to rehearse and recall these tips.

  1. Location: Obviously, if you are looking at Erath County, you’ve already done your research in this regard, the oldest and most proven rule in real estate;
  2. Consider Several Homes: In order to compare properties to each other, you should view at least three homes before making a decision;
  3. Home Inspection: Regardless of the appearance of the property, commission a thorough inspection of the home before buying;
  4. Needs, Not Wants: It’s important to make of list of necessary components of a new property and separate them from the “nice to haves;”
  5. Do Not Overbid: Although home auctions promise great savings, at times the bidding process inspires competition, which can drive the price up over market value;
  6. Appearances Can Be Deceiving: Expensive furnishings can often times cover up structural flaws; make sure you are considering the space, not the decor;
  7. Read The Fine Print: Real estate ads are designed to sell property, not inform buyers; make sure you ask all the right questions and understand the lingo
  8. Do Not Buy The Most Expensive House On The Block: In real estate, it’s not always the best policy to be a pioneer. This is one area where you want to keep up with the Joneses.

So how do you ensure that you are adhering to these best practices? Partner with an experienced realtor. We have been serving the Stephenville real estate market for years and are experts in Erath County. We can help you meet each of these guidelines. There are many great houses for sale in Stephenville and we have proven to be trusted advocates in selecting the best property for your needs. Give us a call today so we can begin the search for your new home in Stephenville.

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“Jamie Stockstill held my hand through the entire process. Being a first time home buyer I had a million questions but she was always there, no matter what time of day, to answer my calls or texts. I always felt like she was working for my best interest. I will recommend her to anyone I come across looking to buy or sell.”