Building Your Stephenville Home Dream Kitchen

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The versatile modern kitchenThe modern kitchen is all about sleeker designs and innovative ways to use space rather than expanding outwards with large cash injections. For a trendsetting homeowner like you, this means adding a few nifty fixtures and cleverly developing some storage ideas instead of a complete overhaul of your kitchen.

It’s all about the casual dining experience now where every kitchen can triple as a prep station, a dining room, and a place to hang out after a meal. Erath County homes are the perfect place to find your dream kitchen. However, if you’ve fallen in love with a home but the kitchen lacks charisma, here are a few tips to add some versatility and life.

Open kitchens with a lot of space are not only simple, but they’re trendy too. To keep your budget low, look for designs emphasizing modern aesthetics with more culture than flair. They might not be the greatest conversation starters, but trims with smoother curves and less fluff stay relevant longer. Also plan accordingly with either a white or dark finish. Oak and faux-wood are no longer in style.

Kitchen islands have been a staple of modern cooking and dining for a while now, especially in Stephenville homes. But don’t believe people when they say food prep is their only use. Use kitchen islands for a plethora of different activities such as wine storage, a snacking station, a serving area, and even a cooler. Creativity is sex appeal for 2013.

We’re now into the great countertop debate. The modern kitchen has been beautified with ceramic and porcelain materials treated to look like stone, wood and warm fabrics. While expensive and not widely available yet, there’s a certain charm associated with crafted ingredients. Also look for glass finishes like tiles around your kitchen dipped in brilliant colors to add some much needed joy.

Gone are the days when kitchen appliances ruled. The clunky and chunky stovetops and microwave ovens of old have been reinserted into the kitchen with stealth in mind, revealing and disappearing behind panels when not in use. This gives off a much cleaner and open look to your kitchen.

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