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Colors have a lot of impact on our mood. They can even improve your outlook on life. Researchers have studied how and why this happens in order to utilize the true power of color in both homes and workplaces. What they found has impacted what’s popular in wall color, throw pillows and furniture.

As a whole we are very visual people. We are drawn to store displays, and even buy items on impulse because they are visually pleasing. We also use color to imply moods in all kinds of social situations. A girl in a red cocktail dress gives off a certain feeling, and so does a room painted in neutral tones with subtle detail.

In our homes we can either play it safe, pick the perfect color for a room, or the entirely wrong color. In design you want to avoid competing patterns or colors. If your pop of color is on the wall, try and keep your rugs and furniture more neutral. Pick a focal point and design the room around it.

If you want a mood lifting color, yellow is a sure thing. It is charming, fun and welcoming. Use soft yellows for a classic and relaxing feel, and add a touch of white for whimsy. Use a buttercream or daffodil shade for bathrooms and kitchens that you want to seem bright and clean.

Pink is another mood boosting color, perfect for a youthful space. Soft pinks are great for nurseries and rose shades can be great in living rooms and outdoor spaces. Think Moroccan design. Apricot will enhance your mood too. It’s basically a tasteful way to use orange. The color reminds people of summer days and sunrises. Happiness all around.

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