Bonnie and Clyde’s Guns to Be Auctioned

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Bonnie and Clyde are perhaps Texas’ most infamous couple. They met in the state back in 1930 and met a harrowing end in 1934 during an ambush by law enforcement. Now, her Colt .38-caliber revolver and his Colt .45-caliber pistol are hitting the auction block.

Almost 80 years later, their guns and other memorabilia connected to the gangster couple will be going up for auction in New Hampshire. The auction is scheduled for September 30th, and their gear is expected to fetch high bids in the $100,000 to $200,000 range. Adds Bobby Livingston, vice president of RR Auction in Amherst, N.H., “They were pretty famous in their moment and I think that’s lasted through time.”

Other items to be auctioned off include a gold pocket watch that Clyde was wearing when he died, and Bonnie’s cosmetics case. She would use it to carry her lipstick, Coty face powder and a powder puff. Police found the brown leatherette box inside the Ford car that the couple was driving when they met their end on a Louisiana road. The auction will also include a letter that Clyde wrote to his brother L.C. Barrow on the back of a photo showing a house on a platform surrounded by water. The letter is signed “bud,” his code name when he was on the run.

After meeting in Texas, Bonnie and Clyde became infamous as they traveled across America’s Midwest and South, holding up banks and stores with other gang members. Texas Ranger Frank Hamer led the posse of six lawmen who carried out the ambush. The items are being made available from estate of Robert E. Davis, a Texas collector who acquired the items from Hamer along with other items from Clyde’s sister, Marie Barrow.

Interest in Bonnie and Clyde has remained strong over the years, in part because of their romantic story and also because people seem to take an interest in outlaws.

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