Bell Helicopter Expands Fort Worth Corporate Headquarters

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Stephenville home owners enjoy living within close proximity to the heart of the Dallas/Fort Worth business district, and new businesses in the area are adding to its importance as a major hub of employment nationwide. In fact, many people are relocating to the North Texas area surrounding Stephenville homes thanks to the promising job opportunities in the area, coupled with the low cost of living.

Recently, Bell Helicopter expanded its Fort Worth headquarters, and will add 2,000 new positions to its workforce. The company’s expansion will also include a pedestrian bridge crossing Texas Highway 10, to connect a hotel for Bell visitors to the campus headquarters. Bell officials believe that the modern renovations will attract more employees looking for an inviting and innovative work environment.

Additionally, officials have announced that the new 230,000-square-foot headquarters will include sustainable features that dramatically reduce the amount of energy used in operations. Not only will this save money, but it will help Bell Helicopter brand itself as company with eco-friendly standards at the core of its mission and development strategy.

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