Bathroom Lacking Luster? Renovate it!

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Stephenville homeownersHaving a bathroom that’s an eyesore can seriously affect the aesthetic of your home. Bathrooms are pretty highly frequented parts of the home and if you aren’t a fan of the way yours looks, seeing it multiple times a day isn’t going to make you happy. Fixing up your bathroom doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Here are some ideas on updates for your Stephenville home’s bathroom to get you started.

  • Reclaimed furniture has many perks, such as the amount of character the pieces possess and the affordability of the pieces. Adding a vintage washstand to your bathroom can not only make your bathroom easier on the eyes, but it can be a great space-saving solution as well. You can pick up a vintage washstand in great shape for around $250, according to home design platform; or, you can pick one up that’s in disrepair and fix it up for around half that cost. With a little wood glue, sandpaper and paint or stain, you can turn an old, rickety piece of furniture into a restored vintage piece in no time.
  • If your old school, wall-hung medicine cabinet is wearing you thin, consider upgrading to a flush-mounted wall mirror. When mounted flush, these bathroom mirrors create a modern and seamless look, all while keeping your wall in good shape with the minimalistic hardware they require to mount, in contrast to those bulky medicine cabinets.
  • Want to add a bit more style to your Stephenville home? Industrial decorations are not only heavy-duty and economical, but they are incredibly stylish. The use of metals, reclaimed wood, utility lights and other raw materials can turn your bathroom into a functional and trendy retreat.
  • Storage is always a concern in the bathroom. If your bathroom lacks horizontal space, try going vertical. Shelving can be made yourself or purchased for relatively cheap. Adding vertical shelving to your bathroom can be a great way to increase storage while maintaining a sleek, minimalistic look.
For more ideas on making your Stephenville, Texas home the best it can be, as well as all other real estate queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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