Basic Home Maintenance Tips for the New Homeowner

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Erath County home tipsAs a new homeowner, you are likely to be bombarded with advice, tips, and tricks from numerous different sources. It can be easy to get overwhelmed with all the new information you must take into account. However, the three most basic pieces of information every new homeowner should be aware are easy to remember, and are as follows:


There is no longer a third-party landlord

New homeowners must come to the realization that any problem that comes up is now solely theirs to deal with. Though many projects and repairs can easily become do it yourself projects, there will be times when a professional will need to be called upon. Take it upon yourself as a new homeowner to contact qualified plumbers, air-conditioning specialists and electricians before any problems arise. By having a list of professionals ready, you will be better prepared if and when something actually goes wrong.


Memorize the location of your water shut-off and fuse box

Though it may seem very basic, your fuse box and water shut-off are two very important elements of your home. Make sure to familiarize yourself with these two accessories of your home as you will most likely need to turn them off at some point during your home-owning days.


Repair what needs fixing as soon as possible

Though it may not seem important at the time, making that small repair in your home will save you time and money in the long run. Small problems have a way of becoming much larger problems if they are not dealt with immediately. If the repair is small, do it yourself. However, if it is outside your scope of expertise, contact a professional and make sure to take care of the problem as soon as it arises.


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