Avoid These Mistakes When Selling Your Stephenville Home

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Debra Gould of HGTV has provided four tendencies which should be resisted when marketing your home for sale. “I’ve seen many examples of ‘silly staging tricks’ over the years,” says Gould, owner of Toronto home staging company, Six Elements Inc., adding, “While good for a laugh, homeowners must realize that buyers are too smart to fall for these tricks, which make it obvious they’re being manipulated into thinking the sellers actually live that way.” These silly tactics will only work against you in selling your property and acquiring the maximum price possible.

The four common mistakes include:

  1. Putting up photos that are not your family members in order to impart a generic family environment: This depersonalizes any room. Additionally, you should remove any diplomas or similar items, as they are nothing more than distractions.
  2. Setting the table: Nothing screams ‘artificially staged’ like a formally set table. A vase of flowers will do a simpler, cleaner, more elegant job. Also, clear any unnecessary clutter from counters and tables.
  3. Overly dressing the bedroom: While breakfast in bed is a nice diversion, laying out a tea set on the bed looks a little too perfect. Put your best bedding out and clean off the end tables or headboard. Again, less is more.
  4. Beautifying the Bathroom: Tassels, seashells and champagne flutes on a bathtub are a desperate cry for attention. Hand your best hand towels, put up a new shower curtain and remove toothbrushes and makeup from the vanities.

In general, buyers are not buying an idea, but a home. They want to envision living in the house, not processing your sense of decor and style. They are not going to buy a home based on your interior design or chic accoutrements. The recommendation is for a clean, organized space. Especially in Stephenville, where buyers tend to be valuing comfort and space most of all. We can help sell the vision of a home easier when the scene is not set with someone else’s ideas. To discuss some more ideas about how to sell your Stephenville home, drop us a line anytime.

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