Advantages of Buying Your Stephenville Home Toward the End of the Year

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Erath County homeMany aspects of buying a home require good timing; timing market conditions for a good home price, timing for a good mortgage rate and timing for a less stressful move. Here are some advantages of moving toward the end of the year, according to

  • The biggest advantage of closing on the house in the latter part of the year is tax benefits. Tax deductions from the purchase of your Stephenville, Texas home include points on your mortgage, property tax and more. These deductions are going to save you a pretty penny, especially with all of the interest you’ll be paying on your new home. This isn’t the only way tax deductions benefit you, as sellers are often more motivated to sell their home at the end of the year to catch some tax breaks as well. The longer a home buyer waits to sell, the less of a chance they’ll have to cash in on their tax return.
  • If you’re buying a Stephenville new construction, the end of the year is a great time to buy. Many home builders will offer deals and throw in extras toward the end of the year so that they can boost their statistics and bump up their numbers.
  • Also, if you plan on using a moving company for your move, it is a much easier service to retain toward the end of the year. Movers get booked quickly in the summer, as that’s when most people move, but toward the end of the year they’ll often have more availability to help you move on shorter notice.
  • Lastly, having a new home for winter and the holidays is definitely a benefit. Celebrate the holiday season with family and new neighbors. In addition, winter is a great time to make all of those interior home improvements and decorating endeavors without sacrificing lounging around at the pool during the warmer weather.

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