Add Mid Century Charm to your Stephenville Home

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The mid-century aesthetic has made a huge comeback, and the popularity of Mad Men has certainly contributed to its resurgence on the design scene. If you would like to add some touches of mid-century flair to your Stephenville home, it’s easier than you might think to create a modernist environment in your favorite rooms. A few pieces of well-designed furniture or decor can go a long way toward adding iconic retro charm.

Think about the minimalist shape and construction when you’re choosing new pieces of furniture. Danish and mid-century designs are known for having sleek lines and curvaceous silhouettes, which are best showcased in rooms with white walls and strategically placed lighting fixtures. The egg chair is a stunning example of design created by the Danish architect Arne Jacobsen, and its contrast of utilitarian edges and soft curves give the chair its unique shape. Keep clutter and accessories to a minimum in rooms with a statement piece of furniture; the best mid-century designs speak for themselves.

Graphic prints and bold colors were extremely popular during the height of the mid-century movement, and the addition of a bold rug or bright print can add an element of surprise to an otherwise minimalist setting. An easy way to integrate color into a room is to use bold hues for matting your favorite artwork; thin, understated metal frames are a good choice for bright prints since the contrast will turn the art into the focal point. Or, mix things up by adding a sculpture to your collection of wall hangings. Abstract sculptures created by artists such as C. Jere add dimension to your walls, and showcase detailed welding techniques used on materials such as brass and copper.

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