A Trained Eye: Things to Look Out For When Considering a Pre-Owned Home

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Pre-owned homes remain a popular option in the Erath county area.  All of the pre-owned Stephenville homes for sale look fantastic at a glance, but have you ever wondered what exactly you should be looking for when you’re on the hunt for a new home for you family? It’s a common mistake to miss or ignore signs of possible damage to the property when you don’t know exactly what to look for, but taking these few home hunting hints to heart when visiting pre-owned homes will help hone your eye to spot any cleverly hid signs of damage.

Let’s take it from the top. The condition of the roof should definitely be one of the first things you look at upon arriving at the property. Take a few moments to get a view from the outside of the house. Are there any missing shingles, obvious holes or patching done to the roof? If so, you might want to inquire about them before even going inside. Showing that you know what you’re looking for can tempt the agent and seller into being as honest as possible with you going forward. While you’re outside, you may want to get a look at the condition of the windows as well, as replacing them later could come with a rather hefty price tag.

Moving along inside, take a good look for any indications of major foundation faults. A cracking foundation can turn into a major problem very quickly and cause massive amounts of property damage in a short time. Another thorough look around can reveal signs of water damage. Stains in the walls, carpet, or floorboards are a good indication of this. While it may simply be a case of spilled juice, it’s a smart idea to inquire about any signs of water problems, lest they turn out to be a standing water or mildew catastrophe.

There are a number of other things to look for when looking through the multitude of pre-owned Stephenville homes for sale, but armed with this knowledge, you have taken your first step to becoming a house hunting expert. If you think you need a little help however, we’re only ever just a call or click away.

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