A Small Space Can Provide Plenty of Functional Space

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A small room doesn’t necessarily mean wasted space. A recent article by Brian Patrick Flynn on HGTV discusses ways in which contained space can be converted into a multifunction room, capable of being transformed into a family room, lounge, dining room and home office. Designs need to be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing, but that is easier said than done. An open concept great room, for example, needs multi-purposing across scale and proportion and often requires strategically placed lighting, a redefined space plan and carving out several zones in one area.

In designing zones, a single room can be delineated into spaces for lounging, dining and organization. They key is to find furniture and amenities which can serve multiple purposes. For example, you don’t just buy a coffee table; you buy a hutch with storage capacity under a hinged lid. Instead of placing lamps on space-eating end tables, track lighting and wall sconces are better choices that preserve real estate. And instead of entertainment racks, a traditional dresser with deep drawers functions as both a platform for a large television and drawers for plenty of storage. Also, dark colors and mirrors can impart the impression of space.

Space is not typically a concern for homes in Stephenville as land is plentiful and footprints larger than the typical urban blueprint. Nevertheless, every home has at least one room that is not being fully utilized due to its limited space. Setting up a plan to redesign such rooms into multifunctional space is a great way to improve the layout of your home, but also to add value – after all, any prospective buyer will be impressed with the creativity. Additionally, this mindset can be applied to outdoor spaces as well, including barns and old storage sheds.

Any way to make the old new again is sounds strategy for upkeeping the homes in Stephenville. We know of many great homes in the area taking advantage of their unique designs. To view some today, just give us a ring.

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