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Working together with a real estate agents is one of the most clever and effective ways of purchasing a house in Texas. Both veteran and fresh home owners alike can attest to the many ways an agent can simplify the buying process, leaving you with more time to make the decisions that matter most for your family. But while it is an important decision, picking an agent isn’t always black and white, and sometimes it pays to be informed of a real estate professional’s obligations to your family, and what you can do to make the process go smoothly.

When picking a Realtor®  for your next real estate purchase, make completely certain that you are going with an agent that is licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission. All real estate professionals must have a current license to sell real estate in the state of Texas, as well as have a sponsorship from one of a number of established brokers. All prospective agents must take extensive educational courses and pass a licensing exam before they are officially considered professional Realtors®. This way, they will know how best to assist you in finding a home. Making sure your real estate agent is licensed by your local commission is synonymous with securing only the best help for you and your family.

It is imperative that a real estate professional communicates with their clients as much as possible. In fact, the more communication there is between a prospective home owner and their agent, the better. Think of how often you’d like to be informed about any real estate news by your agents before you shop around, and then ask and potential realtors® if how often they’d communicate with you. Ideally it should be commensurate with the estimation you gave, if not more often so you’re not left questioning when you’ll receive your next report.

Ideally, you want a real estate professional that makes finding the Stephenville real estate of your dreams as important to them as it is to your family, so contact us today to get underway.

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“Cindy Carrell is an amazing realtor! Cindy did an excellent job marketing our home & successfully helping it to sell for exactly what we wanted and in under 60 days. Cindy is professional and a pleasure to work with. She is prompt to answer questions and to help resolve those situations that arise while  selling and buying a home. Cindy also helped us find our forever home within a week of listing our house. If you are looking for a realtor Cindy is an excellent choice!”
Cindy Carrell is an amazing realtor!