A Creative Approach is Recommended When Selling Your Stephenville Home

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HGTV laid out some aspects of throwing a top-flight Open House, which is the first key step in selling your home. A glass of wine, some delicious hors d’oeuvres and live music are not out of the ordinary when trying to appeal to prospective buyers. And although the Stephenville property market – and the Texas real estate industry at large – is recovering, certain types of “extreme open houses” are grabbing attention. These may include refreshments, giveaways and other types of entertainment. Even if they don’t encourage a sale, these types of high-end Open Houses may at least promote public awareness and “buzz” about their properties.

Either way, a vibrant Open House enables buyers to appreciate the home in a festive light rather than the traditional show-and-tell variety. Instead of an indifferent space, prospects step inside a real home filled with laughter and good vibes. It helps to create a mental image of family and friends instead of indifferent, unoccupied space. It helps instill that all-important aspect of “seeing oneself living in this home.” This is also an opportune time exhibit your house’s most appealing attributes. If your home has an eat-in kitchen, perhaps hire a professional cook for the day. Not only does this highlight a key feature of the home, people always enjoy free food. If there is also deck, maybe turn those hors d’oeuvres into a barbecue.

Welcoming visitors who maybe aren’t even prospective buyers also can be helpful to your Open House. First, it enlivens the proceedings. Secondly, they will spread the good word, possibly encouraging friends, neighbors and coworkers who are in the market to come by and check out your property. Compile a list of friends and acquaintances and invite them, focusing on those who maintain relationships throughout the community.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt to also involve a broker to help you organize the Open House. We have helped host many Open Houses throughout Erath County. Give us a call today to hear some more tips and begin discussions for selling your home in Stephenville.

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