5 Tips for a Neat and Tidy Desk in Your Dublin Home

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How is it that our desks end up being one of the biggest disaster areas? Whether you work out of your Dublin home or you work in an office, for some reason, it’s seemingly the easiest place to dump off a mess for later. Keeping a neat and tidy desk can lead to a more efficient workspace and increased productivity, so here are five tips to help keep your workspace de-cluttered and organized!

  1. Set Aside a Day: Pick a day and use it to go through your desk and discard anything you don’t need. This can include mail, paperwork, and anything else you aren’t using (like old drink cups, etc…). It’s a simple fix that will really improve the way your desk looks.
  2. Clean-Out Your Drawers: My desk doesn’t have drawers, and it’s for a reason. They are the easiest place to stash things you don’t feel like actually dealing with. Going through and eliminating items that you rarely use (like a one-hole punch) will make your desk feel cleaner in a jiffy. Because if the surface of your desk is clean but opened drawers reveal a mess, you’re really back to square one.
  3. Keep Your Important Tasks in Plain View: How many Post-It notes do you have scattered about your desk? After a certain point, that sticky substance loses its power and they start moving about your desk like a little paper circus. Keep your tasks at eye level, which will help you keep an eye on them. Better yet, go paperless and get a computerized “to-do” list where you can keep track of projects.
  4. Get Organized with Accessories: From pen cups to paperclip and business card holders, there are a variety of space-saving accessories that are meant to keep your desk organized. If you don’t feel like spending money, look around your house for items you can use. I took a sturdy box that housed some perfume I bought and it is currently holding small Post-It notes, a few pens, and a tape dispenser on my desk.
  5. Time for the Top Drawer: Why not make your top drawer the place where you store your most-used items from the surface of your desk, like your stapler and notebook?

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