5 Outdoor Projects Where Your Kids Can Help

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With summer in full swing, busy parents are always looking for ways to occupy their kids. Getting them involved with home projects is a great way to have them practically apply the things they’ve learned at school, and it can also help them stay sharp during the summer break. There are just a few rules to keep in mind:

  • Keep the project simple
  • Use gloves and safety glasses when necessary
  • Keep it under an hour because kids have short attention spans

Here are five outdoor projects where you can enlist the help of your kids!

1. Making Stepping Stones: With ready-mix concrete or mortar, your kids can help you create stepping stones for your Stephenville home. Use old pans or aluminum cake pans from the market to create the form. Pour concrete  two inches thick, and while it’s still wet, decorate with beads, tiles, marbles, and polished pebbles. Wait 48 hours until the concrete is dry to remove it from the form.

2. Painting your Mailbox: Do your kids love helping you get the mail? They will love it even more if they’ve helped you customize it! Start by un-mounting your mailbox and cleaning it. Once dry, paint on one coat of metal primer. Your kids can take over from this point with stencils or their own designs. Look for whimsical house numbers to round out the look!

3. Attract Hummingbirds and Butterflies: They won’t see the fruits of their labor immediately, but planting a shrub  like Hibiscus, flower quince, Lantana, butterfly bush, or Potentilla will help attract hummingbirds and butterflies to your garden. One or two plants is plenty, so have your kids help make a hole and fill it with outdoor potting soil. Have them help you water as you put the plant roots in.

4. Adding Solar Lights: Installing solar walkway lights is a great way to add ambient lighting and teach your kids about being eco-friendly.  You can buy an 8-pack of solar stake lights for under $50 at your home improvement center. Have your kids put them along your sidewalk, paths, and at the edge of garden beds. Show them how the lights come on when the sun goes down!

5. Stacking a Tipsy-Pot Plant Tower: Part Alice in Wonderland, part planting, this optical illusion is one that kids adore! Take a ½-inch diameter wooden dowel and stick it into the ground or in a large pot. Use clay pots of various sizes and stack them onto the pipe, threading the pipe through the drain holes. Fill the pots with soil and tilt them at crazy angles—the rod will hold them upright.

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